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Stella + Matty = Julian and Ashlee

I put a lot of thought into this, and I think the names “Julian” and “Ashlee” work whether me and Matty have 2 boys or 2 girls or a girl and a boy.

We will have 2 children. And they will be the cutest ever, like, EVER. 

I always like Ashlee as a boy name. And Julian can be a girl, right? I think so. Why not? 

But first I have to meet Matty and make him fall in love with me! I hear he goes to a lot of SEO conferences? Does anyone know when the next one he’s going to will be? 

Am I too young for him? Or is age just a number? 

If I can’t work for Google after I graduate from college, I’ll become the best SEO ever because I’ll be married to my Matty Cakes!

Where should me and Matty get married?

Sometimes I like to think about where me and my Matty Cakes will get married at. Should we get married on a beach? What about in the snow? Should it be at a farm in the country or in the city somewhere? 

He’s too classically, adorably-wholesomely-handsome for a city wedding. And I don’t know if he likes the snow (DOES HE LIKE THE SNOW?! SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!). I think the best kind of Stella+MC wedding would be at a farm in the country, somewhere pure and away from loud noises. 

But where should we live after that? MORE TO THINK ABOUT!!!

Watch my Matty Cakes ACT LIKE A DINOSAUR!